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A New Infrastructure Plan Underway

Addressing The Infrastructural Deficit Without doubt, there is a need to create a more comfortable environment for infrastructural projects. Long-term infrastructure projects are viable ways for employment. When collaborative infrastructure projects kickstart, there will be many teams needed to deliver the task. This includes the engineering workforce, among others. This creates employment opportunities for those […]

A Shift From Mining To Infrastructure

The Economic Reality The reality is that there is a huge infrastructural deficit in Australia. As such, there is a clear need to move away from mining resources to infrastructure investment. This is especially the case since the mining investment has not been yielding the right results as envisaged. To ensure that the investment is […]

Risk Sharing Improves A Lot

The Need For Better Risk-sharing Formula Infrastructure projects are at the epicentre of development, as they form the basis for many other projects. With the relevant infrastructure in place, other projects get to find a soft landing and this makes it more sustainable. Infrastructure is the foundation for all and this is why it is […]

Coalition Talks Infrastructure Reforms

Infrastructure Needs Investment And Long-term Planning Infrastructure is an important part of any government’s agenda. This is because every other thing has to do with quality infrastructure. When there is a solid infrastructure in place, many other projects will become a reality within a short period. Countries that are doing excellently well understand this, and […]

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