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The Long-term Vision

The Future Seem Long Away But, It Isn’t The Australian government finally succumbed to the protests of the people and announced its plans to abandon the carbon tax. In place of a fixed carbon price would be an emission trading scheme.  The question now is, how exactly will Australia achieve its 100 percent renewable energy? […]

Big Issues For Energy Infrastructure

Energy And Its Issues Australians have always enjoyed reliable, secure and low-cost energy; a factor that has contributed considerably to the economic success of the country. In the opinion piece by Les Hosking, Honorary Professional Fellow at SMART Infrastructure Facility, reliability in the electricity and gas context was defined as a low interruption risk, while […]

Save Now, Pay Later – The Hidden Cost Of Lower Electricity Bills

Cost-Effectiveness In this article, Ian McPhail of the University of Southern Queensland reviewed the ease with which Australians have gotten comfortable to the modern conveniences provided by electricity without considering the consequences of present actions and government policies.  Using the Australian Day weekend storms as a case study, he analysed how the wild winds and […]

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