Will Wilton Be The Next Airport In Sydney?

Is It Time For Another Airport?

Wilton has been up for a potential airport site in Sydney. Before a site can be approved for an airport, there must be adequate evaluation of the site. To this end, the government has set up a team of technical experts to look into the site and evaluate all the necessary things.

One of the core things to be examined is how wide the area is. Space is a crucial part of an airport. As such, the technical experts will look at the site with this consideration in mind. The experts will also consider the remoteness of the site and the viability to serve as an airport. There is a lot of consideration that goes into a site before approving as a site for an airport.

Furthermore, the report of the experts will contain the environmental viability of the location. There is a great regard for the environment when it comes to selecting the location for an airport. This is because airports are noisy and loud places and as such, they cannot be close to residential areas.

This means that the airports must be located in such a place that it won’t have adverse impacts on those living around. Essentially, it cannot be a place where houses are close to. At the same time, the report will detail the economic viability of the site, economic viability is essential because the major aim of aviation is revenue generation. As such, the site must be one that will be able to generate revenue and do so conveniently.

That is, even if there will be adjustments, the cost analysis should be done to know whether the investment will be recovered once the airport begins to operate. Social viability is also another thing to consider. The report will have to examine how socially viable the site is.

The importance of the study can be traced to the clamour for a second airport, as the first airport has been getting congested, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the airport. Therefore, it has become crucial to establish a second airport, and an important thing to do is to start by considering the possible sites for the airport. This will help to determine the worthy site where the project can be situated. Once this is determined, other issues can be addressed. Also, asides Wilton, there can be other areas that will be considered before the final pick will be selected.

The understudy is estimated to last for a period of six months. This takes long because the scope of the task is technical and has to be spread over several months before the task is completed. Since the study will carefully examine the site in detail, it is essential that it takes the needed time for a perfect job.

The consultants appointed to carry out this task include Ernst and Young who will examine the nature of the site and the possible environmental impacts while WorleyParsons will assess the surrounding infrastructures.

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