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Australia And The Increase Of International Visitors

Australia has become a hotspot for visits, as many people across the world now visit the country regularly. This has been the trend for a few years, particularly for places like India and China that now have more rates of travels to Australia than any other country at all.

These countries had always had a high rate of travels to Australia. However, the past ten years have seen a rapid increase in this rate. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Australia is a hotspot because it has so many beautiful places that are perfect for holidays and sightseeing. As such, there are many Chinese and Indians trooping into the country regularly.

Furthermore, the data also show that Asian countries are now the major countries in Australia’s source countries for visits, especially short-term ones. Among the countries, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea & Hong Kong have been featuring more than the others. This is despite the fact that Australian dollar has been on the high side.

This goes to show how much Asians have developed a flair for Australia and will continue to visit the country since they get what they want. Asides from sightseeing, Australia also has remarkable spots for scuba diving and various other activities.

Similarly, most people who also travel out of Australia for short visits travel to various parts of Asian countries. This makes the two locations intertwined in that many people are transporting between the two places regularly. This makes it important to solidify the ties that will ensure that the atmosphere for those exchanges is kept intact.

Qantas has been considering the challenging question that arises between having to choose to solidify ties with the Dubai-based airlines while reducing the connection with the British Airways. This has been a major thing for the airline to decide, and recently, the company didn’t regard a report that claimed that British Airways is looking to cut Qantas off from its code sharing arrangements.

Despite the reports, Qantas has said that passengers will still be able to travel to London using British Airways and that British Airways will continue to list Qantas in its code share.

The number of passengers trooping in and out of Australia continues to increase. At a point, there were over 6 million tourists travelling into Australia. This goes to show that the numbers aren’t decreasing. Also, this rate is matched by the number of Australians leaving. According to Dr Beirman, for every four Australians that travel out of the country, three international visitors would be travelling into the country.

Yet, the report by the United Nations on Tourism shows that Australia merely gets 0.6% of the tourist attraction across the world. This means that more can still happen within the tourism space. All Australia will have to do is to improve on its attraction centres and publicity. These two have already been done over the years. However, there is always room to improve services and attract more tourists to the country.

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