Coalition Talks Infrastructure Reforms

Infrastructure Needs Investment And Long-term Planning

Infrastructure is an important part of any government’s agenda. This is because every other thing has to do with quality infrastructure. When there is a solid infrastructure in place, many other projects will become a reality within a short period. Countries that are doing excellently well understand this, and this is why they ensure that infrastructure is a topical matter.

The Coalition has made it known that if it gets elected, it’s going to reform the infrastructure policies to ensure better infrastructure in Australia. This will involve revamping a good part of the infrastructure and setting up new priorities to better address certain issues that the current infrastructure doesn’t support.

The coalition has said that the new infrastructure plan will be built on the infrastructural need of Australia. That is, it will be evidence-based such that the infrastructures that will be developed will support the various needs of the country to avoid the existing issue with the current infrastructural outfit.

This is to ensure the creation of an independent advisory body that understands infrastructure and can work adequately to bring the needs to reality. This will also be in partnership with the states and other territories. There is a need for the central government to connect with the state government when making decisions like this. The place of partnership cannot be overstated, as it enhances the excellence of results.

To ensure that infrastructure is constantly serving the needs of the country, there will be key performance indices to ensure the targets are met. For a start, the coalition will develop a 15-year pipeline infrastructural project to serve the infrastructural needs of the country. To ensure effectiveness, this will be re-evaluated every five years to incorporate new things that would have arisen during the past five years. This way, the infrastructural design can continue to support the country’s needs.

For accountability, the cost benefit analysis will be published regularly. This way, members of the public can follow through with the progress being made by the government. The public can also call the government to question if certain things are not adding up. This is the essence of publishing the analysis.

An important area that the coalition intends to come in is the funding of the PPP projects. Most of the projects in the country today were birthed from PPP. However, PPP can only remain of quality and serve the purpose of the people if there is adequate funding accountability, and planning.

The coalition intends to develop new strategies through which there will be sufficient funding for the PPP projects. This way, many individuals in the private sector will be incentivised to take up PPP projects knowing full well that they will make returns and also have no problem with the government during the period the project lasts.

Infrastructure is an area that requires investment from both the government and the private sector. Once the government makes the PPPs attractive to the private sector, opportunities will open up and more private individuals will be willing to take up projects.

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