Harbour City Ferries Has Lifted The Standards

Quality Services Every Now And Then

Harbour City Ferries has been in operation for six months and the management has been operating with high efficiency. When the management came on board, the goal was to maintain a business-as-usual approach and deliver services to the best standards. The management has continued on this journey and has been offering quality services that meet the demands of the people it serves.

The management has also brought up new developments that meet the current demands of the people. Quality service has been a focal point of the new operator and this doesn’t seem like it will be changing soon.

There have been many improvements ever since the operator came on board. These improvements have been geared at improving the quality that comes with the services offered by the company. This helps to ensure that the operator achieves an even higher level of visibility in the market.

This goes a long way in ensuring that the ferries are also in line with the safety standards they are meant to work with. The management constantly evaluates its operations in line with the applicable standards to be sure that all operations are carried out adequately and safely.

One of the noticeable improvements has been the hiring of 35 customer service officers. The Harbour is quite particular about the importance of quality customer services and it has worked to achieve this ever since it started operations. Hiring more officers isn’t because the Harbour was doing poorly.

Rather, it is because the management seeks to improve the quality of the services and that was one of the major ways to do that. With the new 35 customer service representatives, the Harbour is able to serve more customers without having to compromise standards. This is a key feature that has set the harbour apart.

The management has also introduced a program called the “meet the manager” through which customers can make comments about the various ferry services and also register their displeasure where there’s any. This has also been a major way to create a more integrated atmosphere where the customers feel they are a part of the services and also get to trust the management more.

More so, the program has been able to serve as a means through which the management gets to receive comments and know what to work on. This makes it possible to constantly improve the quality of the services based on the comments they receive.

The management has also created focus groups and mystery shoppers, which are tools for the management and help the management to get insights into what the customers want. The mystery customer also acts like a regular customer and converses with the customer to understand them better concerning what they want. This goes a long way in strengthening the quality of the services offered by the management. Additionally, the management has also introduced a new uniform for the staff for ease of identification.

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