Government Names The Designers To Execute The Master Plan

Designing The Ballarat Station

The Ballarat station is scheduled to go under review to come up with a new style that will be more glamorous and befitting for the city. The government has earmarked a sum of $3000000 for the designing of the new place. The essence of the design is to create a soothing entrance that will leave the visitors in awe. 

The outlook of the station is one of the most crucial things to station building. As such, the government has decided to invest in this area and hopes to get the best services from the designer. The designer to handle this project is SJB Urban, which is a company that has been in this field for years. 

The company has handled many of such designs for different stations, so they have the required skills to turn the entrance into something even more beautiful that what the authorities have in mind. With a $300000 budget, there’s a lot to go down with the period. 

The master plan study will require the designers to have an in-depth survey to understand the environment they are to work with. This will make the entire work even easier. The government expects that the study will provide enough insights to create a beautiful design for the entrance. 

Understand that the station has been in existence for a long period and the government is merely looking to revamp the station and give it a new face. The design will also help to turn the station into an economically vibrant place. The design is a total and comprehensive package that looks at the station and figures out the right way to approach it from a marketing point of view. 

For a station to be vibrant, it must have certain things and must also be designed in certain ways that will communicate value to the visitors. When visitors are impressed by what they see, the chances are high that they will patronise and even become a regular fan of the station. These are the marketing strategies that drive the action of the government to get a designer to work on the station and provide excellent results to drive engagement.

Experts argue that the Ballarat area has potential, which can be unearthed through the right planning and designing. Some of the things to consider will include the connection of the station and the places where it provides services to. There is a need to contemplate whether to expand the services of the station or to leave it the way it is. 

If it’s to be left the way it is, there’ll be a need to improve the services. These can only be known throughout adequate survey and analysis of the situation, all of which can be done through the understudy. 

As such, the designing company is charged with understanding the nature of the station and the key surrounding issues that need to be addressed to unlock the potential of the station. This is why the government is spending the necessary sum to hire experts that can provide the needed service.

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