People Can Now Vote For Their Design Choice

Vote Your Design Choice

Flinders Street Station is a station that the government has also asked for designs on. The design is to recreate the place in a way that matches the modern specifications of train users. 

Designs were gotten from various places across the world including Australia to choose the best that represents the interests of the people. When the government made a call for the designs, the aim was to get innovations from people who can offer what it takes to recreate and change the face of the Station. 

The station had been operating for a long time. However, there has been the need to change the outlook of the 4.7-hectare station to meet the needs of the people and also unlock the potential of the station. This is key to unveiling the economic potential of the station, which ultimately will serve the needs of the people and the needs of the economy. 

As such, six designs have been selected from which people are to choose the ones that best suit their needs. The government is looking to adhere to the choices of the people. So, the people own the right to decide in this case. 

Importance Of Station Designing And Planning

The importance of station designing cannot be overstated in this 21st century. The Flinder station had been in existence for a long period and the government is merely looking to revamp the station and give it a new face. 

The design will also help to turn the station into an economically vibrant place. The design is a total and comprehensive package that looks at the station and figures out the right way to approach it from a marketing point of view. 

For a station to be vibrant, it must have certain things and must also be designed in certain ways that will communicate value to the visitors. When visitors are impressed by what they see, the chances are high that they will patronise and even become a regular fan of the station. 

These are the marketing strategies that drive the action of the government to get a designer to work on the station and provide excellent results to drive engagement.

Experts argue that the Flinder area has potential, which can be unearthed through the right planning and designing. Some of the things to consider will include the connection of the station and the places where it provides services to. There is a need to contemplate whether to expand the services of the station or to leave it the way it is. 

Vote Your Choice

Out of the six designs that have been put forward, everyone is required to vote and choose the one that’s most appealing to them. As earlier said by the government, it is what the people choose that the Victorian Government will go with. 

Once people choose the design that they want, the government will begin work accordingly. It is highly advisable that people go for designs that make for improved train systems and activities. Taking this into consideration will inform the quality of choice that anyone would make.

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